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MowBot Monthly

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Here's what you can expect when you become a part of the MowBot family:

Hassle-Free Lawn Maintenance:
Our robotic mower will live and work on your lawn, taking care of it day or night, regardless of the weather conditions. You will enjoy a perfectly manicured lawn without lifting a finger.


Outstanding Performance:
Your robotic lawn mower will be a Husqvarna Automower® 450X and can mow 208m2/hr, mowing up to 5,000m2 within 24 Hours.


No Ownership Costs:
Say goodbye to the upfront costs and maintenance associated with owning a robotic mower. With MowBot, you get all the benefits without the financial burden of owning the machine.


Ongoing Support:
MowBot is committed to ensuring that your robotic mower works seamlessly. We'll handle maintenance and troubleshooting to make sure your machine delivers a top-notch performance.


Your Responsibilities:
While we take care of the mower's maintenance, we kindly ask that you look after it during its stay on your lawn. We'll pair the machine with your phone, so you can monitor its operation and performance.


If you ever decide to part ways with the robotic mower, just give us 4 weeks' notice, and we'll arrange for its return.


Affordable Setup:
There is a one-time setup fee of up to $1,299, dependent on lawn size, which covers the installation of the machine. It's a small investment for years of convenient lawn care.

Limited Availability:
Please note as per our previous release, there are a limited number of machines available for this offer.



Subscribe to effortless lawncare for just $69/week

Meet Your Automower® 450X

MowBot only uses the flagship Husqvarna Automower® 450X in its MowBot Monthly fleet.


This means you get a robotic mower that will give you the perfect lawn and much more free time. This machine is suitable for any lawns up to 5000m2. Automower® 450X is the intelligent choice - intelligent enough to negotiate the challenges of any lawns, including multiple narrow passages, obstacles, tough terrain and slopes with an incline up to 45% (24˚).


Built in sensors using ultrasonic technology helps the mower to detect objects and avoid hard collisions.


Your Automower® 450X will come equipped with the premium features, such as Automower® Connect with GPS theft tracking, GPS assisted navigation, LED headlights. The Automower® Connect app will allow you to control the 450X from anywhere and you can even use voice control through Google Home or Amazon Alexa.


And thanks to its weather resistance, your Automower® works quietly and effortlessly rain or shine, day or night. Automower® is the world’s most capable robotic mower.


Experience the amazing future of lawn care with MowBot Monthly


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