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Changing the game for turf care professionals

The next generation
of turf care management

Introducing CEORA™ – a revolutionary new autonomous solution for large green spaces up to 18 acres.


CEORA™ is big news for sports clubs and green space professionals as it provides a cost-efficient and sustainable solution with excellent performance and reliability. CEORA™ systematically cuts larger spaces with superb results. It also uses Husqvarna EPOS technology to create virtual boundaries for easy and hassle-free operation. 

You can boost your productivity by either owning or subscribing to a CEORA™ through MowBot.

Subscribe or Buy with MowBot

You can boost your productivity by either owning or subscribing to a CEORA™ through MowBot.

Commercial Mowers


Systematic, high precision robotic mowing for large spaces

At Husqvarna, they recognize the need to provide a wide variety of flexible solutions for today’s turf care professionals. That’s why they created CEORA™ - to deliver systematic, high-precision robotic mowing for large green spaces.


CEORA™ cuts systematically in parallel tracks for maximum efficiency, or you can create custom work areas and schedules to fit any application.

Delivering cutting edge results at scale

Large scale precision mowing is now made easier with CEORA™. Not only does it cover larger green spaces, but it also delivers cutting edge results allowing for a huge scale up of operations to meet increasing demands on time, grass quality and sustainability.

UP TO 25,000 m²
Pro Sports quality
Everyday care of premium sports fields or golf courses at low cutting height. A well managed, lush and dense turf can be optimally mowed with

UP TO 50,000 m²
Pro quality
For sports fields and golf courses at medium ambition level, or facilities with high demands on grass quality. Medium grass height and normal dense quality of turf.
CEORA™ to mow the area every second day.


UP TO 75,000 m²
Regular quality
For lawns with lower demands level of grass growth. High grass height and normal to low dense quality of lawn.
CEORA™ to mow the area twice per week.


Large-scale precision lawn care - at your fingertips

CEORA™ offers total turf control – all from your smart phone. Steering, defining cutting areas or changing the schedule is fast and simple. Husqvarna Fleet Services™ allows surveillance and map localization for full control and theft protection.

Ready for the sun and the rain

CEORA™ works under all weather conditions, rain or sunshine, delivering extraordinary results even in the toughest weather conditions.

Better Turf,
Better Planet

CEORA™ is lightweight, battery-driven and virtually silent. It not only cuts grass silently but also minimizes your carbon footprint.

Spend less, get more done

CEORA™ provides you with more time for your workforce to focus on other, more valuable, tasks – and less time spent maintaining your grounds.

Virtual boundaries = endless possibilities

CEORA™ features the Husqvarna EPOS™ (Exact Positioning Operating System), an innovative satellite-based technology that enables it to work within virtual boundaries. Husqvarna EPOS™ ensures new levels of flexibility and offers easy installation on areas with an unobstructed sky.


It’s ideal for sports fields, golf courses, city parks or commercial properties, as the absence of boundary wires eliminates line breakages due to aerating or turf repair.

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