Gardena Sileno Minimow - Urban lifestyle robot mower
  • Gardena Sileno Minimow, 500


    Working area capacity (+-20) 500 m2
    Maximum incline within the working area 14 degrees
    Typical mow time on one charge 75mins
    Typical charging time 65mins
    Comes with all wiring, accessories and can be self installed

    For lawn areas up to 500m2, SILENO Minimo 500 offers GARDENA Bluetooth® App control directly from your smart phone or device, within a 10m radius.

    Features EasyApp Control, Auto Schedule and EasyConfig for straightforward installation and use.

    Minimo 500 mows autonomously - reliably, evenly and quietly, to keep lawns looking their well-maintained best in all weather. So you can spend more of your free time doing what you love.