Working area capacity (±20) 750 m²

    Maximum incline within the working area 19

    Typical mow time on one charge 65 min

    Typical charging time 60 min


    Meet SILENO Life robotic lawn mower from GARDENA is designed for complex lawns, and delivers a beautiful, cleanly mowed lawn without the need for a catcher. Like all GARDENA lawn robots, the SILENO Life is extremely quiet - its 58 dB(A) is unrivalled. You won’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbours, they won’t hear a thing!


    It is also all-weather. Rain is no problem, so all year round, uphill up or downhill SILENO Life gets on with the job. In cool weather, the frost sensor protects your lawn by detecting when the temperature is close to the freezing point and stopping mowing accordingly. Even on slopes of up to 35% (19˚) SILENO Life delivers excellent mowing results. Where others struggle, SILENO gets the job done! And when it needs a clean, the underside can be easily washed with your garden hose.


    Setting up SILENO Life is straightforward, and everything you need comes in the box. The base station can be installed almost anywhere in your garden. Designate the area to be mown as described in the instructions with the boundary wire and orientate SILENO Life on the lawn with the guide wire. After the initial installation and programming, the SILENO Life continues to automatically and independently mow the lawn within its mowing programme. And you can adjust the programme to best suit your lawn and conditions at any time.

    The CorridorCut function is specially designed to cut the lawn in narrow areas from 60cm wide, tight corners and even dead ends with reliable precision. Thanks to the SensorControl function, the SILENO Life can measure grass growth and efficiently adjust mowing times accordingly.