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MowBot as a Service
The smarter lawn care service

Why MaaS?

MaaS (MowBot as a Service) is a smarter lawn care service. We install and maintain a robotic lawn mower at your place, that lives with you and mows your lawns everyday.

Most lawns grow in front of your eyes during the fast-growing seasons and you can feel as if they are getting away from you. This results in endless amounts of time mowing the lawns yourself or opting to have someone mow them for you.

MaaS saves you time and money; enabling our MowBots to mow your lawn weekdays and weekends, rain or shine, day or night.

Starting at $54 per fortnight, costs are determined by your specific lawn size with our MowBots having the ability to mow the smallest of lawns through to 1.2 acres.


Welcome to your new family member! Your MowBot will become part of your family providing you those insane looking lawns every day. Gone are the days of having to tackle your lawn weather permitting every week.

Saving Time & Money

Your new family member will work 24/7 for you, saving your precious time and at a competitive price to regular lawn service outfits.

Carpet Like Finish

Even as you sleep our quiet MowBots will chip away at your lawn day or night, rain or shine leaving you with a resort like finish.

No Worries

We'll look after your MowBot and lawns for you. We monitor your machine daily and visit once a month to check in and do your edges.


Get Started


Enter your details to get a free quote within 48 hours. We'll ask you a couple of questions about your lawn to help us with your quote.


When you accept your quote we'll schedule your install with one of MowBot's trained installation professionals.


Sit back and relax while watching your new family member transform your lawns to a resort like finish. 

Why MowBot

MowBot is a New Zealand owned robot lawn mower specialist and an approved Husqvarna & Gardena Robotics Dealer since 2019.


We provide a personalised and complete service that means you’ll never need to visit us -  we’ll always come to you.


Get a quote to find out how you can save time & money.

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